About Us

KCW was founded in 2003 by Colleen Wallace who partnered with her husband Ken to begin a startup distribution company.  Colleen and Ken are industry veterans.  Colleen with 25+ years and Ken with 35+ years.

Colleen began at Antronix in the early 90’s and Ken began as a lineman.  Colleen moved into a marketing & training position then to sales eventually.  Ken went into warehousing, customer service and sales. The pair met in 1999 as sales managers on opposite coasts for the same company and developed a friendship and healthy competition.  To make a long story short, they decided to go into business together and eventually became husband and wife.

As a small woman owned business we strive to grow as a company, one goal is to continue to offer that small-town customer service feel.  KCW is committed to protect our environment.  KCW owns and operates their warehouse on a working 10-acre orange grove, operates a small apiary providing organic honey to local stores, uses recycled materials for shipping and is working to become a solar friendly facility.


President, Colleen

Vice President, Ken